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Top 5 Best Image Editing Tools

Here in this article I have mentioned the top 5 picture editing tools through which you can develop online innovations and changes to your pictures and images respectively..
1. Lunapic 
The Lunapic can be used in your Facebook MySpace account. Because it provides the editing function to your online profile’s pictrure. The method is vry simple just enter afterwards and confirm this online application, for free, and then you can apply to edit pics online. So you must try this free online editor on your internet.
Lunapic +logo
2. Splashup
The Splashup , offers the advanced and unique image editing tools to its users for its assimilation of image editing layer effects as well, it was early named as fauxto.
3.Sumo Paint
The Sumo Paint software is a without charge web-based image editor having very with some very extraordinary features. Perhaps, its also not a competitor or any alternative to the Photoshop software, but I must say that its an outstanding little graphics editor which provides benefits to the web designers or the web- developers as incase they do not like to use Photoshop.
Sumo Paint
Sumo Paint

4. GIMP (Windows/Mac/*nix, Free)
The open-surce competitor to Adobe Photoshop is the GIMP. But most of the people do not consider this replacement in reality. With the passage of time the GIMP has gained much success and is now being considered user friendly, enormously elegant and commercially driven Photoshop editing software. As it provides paths,layered compositions, color correction, channel mixing, advanced cloning in its package,
GIMP (Windows/Mac/*nix, Free)
GIMP (Windows/Mac/*nix, Free)
5. Pixlr
The Pixlr is said to be very responsive online image editing application for the users and its designed for the non- professional users and it gives the benefits to its users without any hard and fast efforts while making images and photos. This application has a advantage for its users that it takes only 2 minutes to upload on a user’s screen correspondingly.The Pixlr is not appropriate for making or editing the large images but people can utilize it for their image galleries, social networking sites and blogs as well.

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